Dual Procedure Syringe:
Ease and efficacy in concomitant sclerosation


For patients requiring full ablation of the treated vein, The VVT medical™ proprietary single use Dual Procedure Syringe (DPS) enables physicians to perform concomitant sclerosation with precision and comfort. Its unique dual barrel SINGLE HAND operated design can be used with liquidor foamed sclerosant closing the vein while minimizing damage beyond the target area of treatment. The DPS minimizes to zero unwanted passage of sclerosant to perforator veins and the deep venous system.

With the DPS, a patient’s blood is aspirated from within the vein, while liquid sclerosant is simultaneously discharged. Physicians can operate the device with one hand to easily deliver treatment while automatically removing residual sclerosant.

How it Works:

The DPS consists of paired standard syringes (either 20cc and 10cc or 10cc and 5cc) that are equipped with a male Luer lock connector. Both syringes are housed in a polycarbonate body, and the plungers mechanically enabe simultaneous movement of the two plungers in opposite directions: as one plunger is depressed the other plunger is pulled out.


Download DPS Brochure: