The V-Block System:
Precision and control in GSV treatment – within 10 minutes

VVT Medical’s™ most advanced device, V-Block System, is a complete delivery system for performing minimally invasive V-Block procedures to simply and effectively treat varicose veins resulting from GSV  valve incompetence & reflux.

The V-Block system includes two steps:

The first component, the V-Block device, is deployed at the target location within the vein through “below the knee“ micro puncture access and proprietary delivery system using ultrasoundimaging. Once the V-block isdeployed, our proprietary Dual Procedure Syringe (DPS) allows aspiration of the blood simultaneously discharging the sclorosant, causing closure of the faulty vessel. The entire procedure can be completed in less than 10 minutes.


Download V-Block Brochure: