A new approach in varicose vein treatment

Office-based NT NT technology solutions for chronic venous disorders

VTT Medical™ provides a complete suite of office-based products for treating varicose veins associated with chronic venous disorders.

VVT medical™ V-Block System is an advanced non-thermal, non-tumescent technology solution that eliminates the need for surgery or costly capital equipment, while minimizing the time, pain and recovery associated with conventional treatment. With the V-Block System, VVT Medical™ has perfected a minimally invasive, tumescent-free approach to simply and quickly eliminating varicose veins to deliver immediate, long-term results.

VVT medical™ Patients benefit from:

  • Minimal to no pain or discomfort during treatment
  • No complications resulting from tumescent anesthesia
  • Immediate return to normal activity
  • Limited post-procedure care

Here’s how it works:

VVT Medical™ solutions were specifically designed to replace traditional invasive surgery and ablation methods for treating chronic venous disorders, including saphenous incompetence, varicosities, incompetent perforator veins and spider veins. We’re innovating treatment with solutions that enable:  

  • Faster procedure time: Our unique disposable kit includes the V-Block and delivery system that treats the damaged vein with extreme accuracy and within as little as 10 minutes.
  • Cost savings: Our single use products eliminate the need for capital equipment to perform treatment. Each product contains all the necessary components for performing outpatient procedures in any office-based clinic  or hospital-based setting \ day care clinic.
  • Immediate patient satisfaction: Our NT NT technology means patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure and regain full mobility as soon as it’s complete. Patients are gratified by an immediate improvement in painful and cosmetic symptoms directly following treatment. Post-procedure care is simple with just one week of compression stockings to ensure the best results.

VVT Medical’s™ focus on innovation revolves around improving the treatment of varicose veins to deliver key benefits for physicians and patients alike. Our proprietary portfolio of products include:

V-Block System

Our focus on innovation begins with our advanced, V-Block System for treating GSV reflux and valve incompetence. This unique disposable kit includes a complete stent implant and delivery system that treats the damaged vein with extreme precision and accuracy.

Dual Process Syringe

Our DUAL PROCEDURE Syringe (DPS) is a key component of the V-Block System, offering physicians the ease and simplicity of simultaneously aspirating and discharging fluids once the V-Block has been deployed. V-Block System provides the only combined treatment for safely and effectively treating large veins using liquid sclerosant.


ScleroSafe™ is a complete line of disposable, single use kits for treating shallow varicosities and visible reticular \ sub dermal veins in the legs and other skin indications. The ScleroSafe procedure kits include an array of catheters for delivering targeted treatment In a fast, elegant procedure with minimal to zero pain.