• Revolutionizing the
    treatment of
    Varicose Veins
  • The Next Generation in
    Endovenous Chemical
    Ablation (ECA)
  • A Universal Platform
    for Chronic
    Venous Conditions
  • A complete range
    of Venous
    Insufficiency Solutions

VVT Medical develops, manufactures and distributes minimally-invasive, non-thermal, 
non-tumescent solutions for the treatment of varicose veins. Our line of products is based on
the versatile, “open” ScleroSafe platform.

The Groundbreaking ScleroSafe Technique

VVT Medical’s patented delivery systems are the next generation of Endovenous Chemical
Ablation (ECA), non-thermal non-tumescent (NT-NT) techniques. ScleroSafe’s unique and
innovative design concept offers a new level of safety, with a low risk of side effects, for
endovenous chemical ablation for trunk and reticular varicose veins.

The ScleroSafe technique simplifies the procedure and shortens the treatment process, while
minimizing pain, recovery time and the need for post-procedure care.

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