Aesthetic implications of varicose veins

Aesthetic implications of varicose veins


We all take pride in our appearance, so the onset of unsightly “lumps and bumps” is always a cause for concern.

Just under your skin, you notice blood vessels beginning to show up,  resulting from a weakness in the vein walls, with valves not performing correctly. This brings about those bulges, colored blue and purple, suddenly appearing on legs, feet or ankles.

Aesthetics can be defined as the study of beauty. To put it plainly, varicose veins are hardly anyone’s vision of being attractive. The veins are twisted, swollen and with the appearance of rope on legs, ankles and feet.

The danger of varicose veins comes when someone is only concerned about the look and not what comes underneath.

There are certain clear signs when varicose veins can’t be laughed at or ignored but will need advice and assistance; firstly, wise words from an experienced professional and ultimately some effective treatment.

These signs include when the veins are tender to the touch, warm, swollen or red. If you notice a rash or sores in the ankle area of your leg, that may need attention and when your skin color changes or your skin thickens around the ankle or calf.

A particular matter of concern is when a vein starts to bleed. Less dramatically, if you realize that symptoms of the vein are holding you up in your daily activities, it’s time to act.

And even if you are just acting for aesthetic reasons – in other words, if the very sight of the veins bothers you – why not do something about it?  Treatment nowadays can be painless, unobtrusive and not overly time-consuming.

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