Treatment Benefits

Conventional treatments

Conventional varicose vein treatment solutions such as phlebectomy and thermal ablation (laser, RF, steam) are painful, difficult, time-consuming and can cause a wide range of side effects such as nerve damage, skin burns and even Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism. The use of cyanoacrylate (biological/tissue glue) leaves a column of polymers within the vein which can cause inflammation and Thrombophlebitis. Many conventional treatments require surgery, general anesthesia and patient hospitalization, costly capital equipment and multiple treatment sessions, as well as long patient recovery time. 

A new approach to varicose vein treatment

VVT Medical’s solutions were specifically designed to replace traditional invasive surgery as well as newer ablation methods for treating chronic venous disorders, including saphenous incompetence, varicosities and incompetent perforator veins.

Our innovative treatment and solution enable:

Faster procedure time: Our unique disposable kits and delivery system treat the dysfunctional vein with extreme accuracy and within as little as 3 minutes.

Cost savings: Our single-use products eliminate the need for capital equipment to perform treatments. Each product is a complete kit that contains all the necessary components for performing outpatient procedures in any private clinic or hospital setting.

Immediate patient satisfaction: Our NT-NT (Non-Thermal, Non-Tumescent) technology allows patients to experience little to no discomfort during the procedure, regain full mobility right after treatment and benefit from immediate improvement of painful and/or cosmetic symptoms. Post-procedure care is simple with just 1-2 days of compression stockings to ensure the best results.

Unique Advantages

Minimal to no pain
Short procedure
No up-flow spillage
Minimal to no substance-blood dilution
Minimal to no local anesthesia at micro puncture insertion point
No inflammation, scarring, hyperpigmentation or matting
Little to no recovery time
No trapped blood clots
Minimal risk of Thrombophlebitis
Predictable results